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WIP Wednesday

It’s still Wednesday for half an hour! Firstly, I said goodbye to one of my fosters today. Unfortunately he hasn’t been adopted, just shifted to another foster home where he’ll do much better than he was here with 5 other cats. The family were … Continue reading

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Last Christmas stitches

These are some stitches I did for the boy’s mother and brother last year. The Zelda one was good fun with all the colour changes, and I think it turned out well. Matt’s mum loves elephants, so that was an … Continue reading

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Sunday favourites.

1. Maybe the coolest knitwear ever. 2. Cat safe crafting area from Ikea. I could start beading again without losing half the beads! 3. Awesome giraffe tee. Giraffes are my favourite. 4. Gluten free vegan bagels. I must try to make … Continue reading

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You Capture – Get down low

I love this idea. Every week when you have no motivation to pick up the camera, the amazing Beth over at I should be folding laundry gives you some inspiration! This week the theme was ‘get down low.’ I got … Continue reading

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Standing at a T-intersection.

Rather than being at a fork in the road I feel very much like I’m facing a T-intersection. If I keep going the way I am for much longer I’m going to run straight off the road. But the left … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday

I’m always working on something so a work in progress Wednesday works for me! Something like this little guy will take me a day of two. Something bigger takes me a few weeks, depending on my motivation. When cross stitching … Continue reading

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Cross stitch queen…

…Well maybe one day. My first steps into cross stitching were tentative ones. My mum was visiting from Victoria for a week, and our idea of a great day out is a trip to spotlight and officeworks. And yes, this … Continue reading

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