Homeward bound

I’m back home with a parentals for three weeks. I had grand plans for all the wonderful photos I was going to post, they live in a beautiful part of the Victorian countryside. The down side of living in the beautiful countryside is the painfully slow internet and painfully slow computer.

I can’t get wordpress to load images. I’ll try again, I’m sad that I might have to take a 3 week hiatus when I only started this blog like a month ago. I’m also going to get ridiculously behind in my blog reading.

There’s an extremely pretty cat here, she’s also insanely grumpy and can be very aggressive. It’s a little scary.

And there’s a big fat sheep and a tiny graying dog.

And lots of time hanging with my mum and trying to tolerate my dad.

I’m homesick already.

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One Response to Homeward bound

  1. Connie Rosen says:

    I am trying to locate my cousin Tilly Holtz- Seitz who emigrated to Australia from The Netherlands in the 195o’s. I am wondering if you are her granddaughter.
    Thank you

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