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Remote hog

I had a super stressful day today. SUPER. Not just because Daisy would only let us watch Wipeout. It included the biggest crowd induced panic attack I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something. Full on. I thought I was going … Continue reading

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This scavenger hunt had me thinking all week. So I always had my camera at hand! It’s already becoming more of a habit to take photos wherever I go. Bokeh. I didn’t actually know what bokeh was a week ago, which I … Continue reading

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Byebye Charlie!

Charlie went to a SAFE adoption day today, and someone took him home! How could anyone resist his sweet little face. I’m going to miss his smooches.

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Finished projects

I actually finished a couple of things yesterday. Shocking, I know. First is the result of the pink blob from last weeks WIP. A yummy cupcake! I’m still really struggling to take decent photos of my cross stitches. I think … Continue reading

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I spent a few days in Bunbury, an hour or two south of Perth, this week. Hence the lack of posts. We dog-sat Matt’s mum’s sweet Jack Russell, there was a boy there too but he’s 16 so he didn’t … Continue reading

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Scavenger hunt

This is my first time taking part in Scavenger Hunt Sunday. It’s hosted by Ashley at Ramblings and Photos, Ashley is a fantastic photographer, so I feel a little out of my league! But it’s all about having a bit … Continue reading

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