I grew up within view of the gorgeous Grampians mountain range. They’re not huge, the highest mountain is just over 800m I think. But they were the back drop to my childhood, the place of so many bush walks and adventures, the cause of terror when they went up in flames and came so close to our home, and the feeling of relief when on my way home from school or a trip away we would come over a hilltop and there they would be, signifying that I was nearly home. And that feeling washing over me was never stronger when I went home last month, for the first time in a year and a half.

I took these photos on a walk with my brother. It’s where we always walk, mostly for the view.

I fully intend to get the silhouette tattooed on me one day, I just can’t decide where. And I fully intend to live within the shadow of the mountains again. One day.

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3 Responses to Grampians

  1. Clare B says:

    These photos have made me a little homesick. I grew up in Melbourne, but we often travelled to South Australia for holidays, always stopping at the Grampians for some coffee and vanilla slice. Makes me long for the muted colours of the Australian bush.

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