I haven’t been doing much cross stitching since I got home, because I’ve been concentrating on improving my sewing. I find sewing really frustrating at the moment; the cutting, the pinning, the unpinning, the stitching and the ripping out of stitches. I think I just need practice and I’ll post what I’ve been up to when I get something I’m happy with.

So this is what I started yesterday. What could it be? I’m enjoying the pink.

One of the best things about cross stitching over sewing is the seating arrangements. I lounge in my favourite arm chair with my leg hanging over one arm. Which leaves room for my favourite crafting companions. Maisie at the front and Daisy at the back.

Charlie has been with us for nearly two weeks now, and he’s finally settled in. The only problem is has is that keeps trying to nurse from Maisie and Daisy! And they, needless to say, don’t like it and he gets smacked behind the ears. He’s about 5 months old, and nearly as big as Daisy so I don’t really know what he’s thinking…

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One Response to WIP

  1. Ashley says:

    My mom used to cross-stitch and love it. You mentioned the seating arrangements…yours is pretty close to my seating arrangement at night when I’m blogging/editing – me on the couch and Kitty Paw sitting on the top of the couch.

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