Tick Tock

My love affair with linen continues. I think I’m going to make some felt backed brooches with my little stitches. When I can afford a badge maker I’ll get one, but I like the flexibility of making felt backed brooches, they can be any size or shape I want. Here’s a better representation of how big it is.

I had a good chuckle at Daisy’s expense yesterday, she was sleeping in our bed and I did a double take when I walked past. Her sister was being very rude! I love the look on her face!

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3 Responses to Tick Tock

  1. Ashley says:

    My mom used to cross stitch and I thought I might one day be interested. Instead, I’ll just enjoy your work. Have a great day!

  2. I love linen (my favourite fabric) and I love that clock! Your work is so neatly done. You could make some beautiful linen cushions etc, I’m sure. I’ve tried to stitch but seem to lack the patience to complete a project…

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