Whoopie pie

I hope I’m not the only Australian who’d never heard of a Whoopie Pie… I sure hadn’t until I read My Girl Thursday‘s recent blog post about them! I had to try them!

I used this recipe, but I replaced the plain wheat flour for Orgran gluten free flour. Mine didn’t work out quite right, they tasted so rich and delicious, but they weren’t flat enough. The recipe said that they would spread but mine didn’t much, so next time I’ll smoosh them down a bit and make them a bit easier to eat.

And next time I’m making half of them choc-mint. Matt doesn’t like choc-mint… I don’t know what’s wrong with his brain.

Matt took a bite and said, “Whoopieeeeee.”

Thank you My Girl Thursday for introducing me to this tasty treat!

Zelda is still here, she’s growing as fast as she can. She needs to be a kilo to get all her vet work done, and then she’ll be up for adoption. Sigh.

Maisie and Daisy mostly ignore her. She tries to chase their tails, but she usually gets a clip round the ears for it. Maisie and Daisy’s new sleeping spot is on the arms of the couch. It makes me laugh how they line up, and one of them always has a face full of kitty butt.

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2 Responses to Whoopie pie

  1. thursday says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Matt’s brain either! Not liking chocolate mint has to by symptomatic of something terrible.

    I have a recipe for a gluten free whoopie. When I get a moment I’ll scan it and email it to you!

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