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Whoopie pie

I hope I’m not the only Australian who’d never heard of a Whoopie Pie… I sure hadn’t until I read My Girl Thursday‘s recent blog post about them! I had to try them! I used this recipe, but I replaced the … Continue reading

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Tick Tock

My love affair with linen continues. I think I’m going to make some felt backed brooches with my little stitches. When I can afford a badge maker I’ll get one, but I like the flexibility of making felt backed brooches, … Continue reading

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Scavenger hunt – 12/9/10

I can never think of anything to write to start these posts, so let’s just get into it. Landscape. This is an archived photo from my trip home to Victoria in July. I probably shared it at the time, but … Continue reading

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Matt and I picked a little gremlin up from the airport yesterday. She’s from a town in northern Western Australia and was sent to SAFE in Perth to be rehomed. She’s 6-8 weeks old and I’m cherishing my kitten cuddles … Continue reading

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The Lovely Russian

Inspired by Buttercup’s post honouring the lovely sausage dog, I did some Etsy browsing for my favourite animal. I don’t think it’s any secret that I have a soft spot for blue cats. Whenever I see one I just want … Continue reading

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You Capture – Mornings

I’m not a morning person. At all. So I guess it makes sense the the first thing that came to mind with the theme ‘mornings’ was my cat, Morgen. She lives with my parents 2000 odd kilometres away, and Morgen … Continue reading

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Remote hog

I had a super stressful day today. SUPER. Not just because Daisy would only let us watch Wipeout. It included the biggest crowd induced panic attack I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something. Full on. I thought I was going … Continue reading

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